About Barbu

I have been a healing arts practitioner since 2007, training for five years in neo-shamanic healing with Valorie Lordi in the White Mesa tradition of shamanism prior to discovering BCST. In the late 2000’s I studied Qi Gong with Will Kaplanidis and Roosevelt Gainey, classical yoga with IMG_1546 Dharma Mittra, and in 2009, began to study and practice Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism with Dr. Reggie Ray in Colorado. This time period was a powerful one for me, as it deepened a journey I’d begun in 2004, when I first started seeking relief from chronic pain and behavioral patterns that were no longer supporting me. Over the past several years I’ve explored NVC and resonant language, interpersonal neurobiology and depth empathy, through the work of Sarah Peyton, Stephon Porges and others. This informs my session work and helps to deepen the process of BCST.

I continue to challenge myself to grow and heal, engaging in weekly therapeutic work of my own and ongoing craniosacral treatments. I participate in group work and am committed to ongoing training, study and learning opportunities in various healing arts fields. I was fortunate to study this work with Franklyn Sills, a pioneer in the field of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and remarkable teacher.

My personal history has turned out to be the perfect background for learning Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, as I have been trained to tune into something called primary respiration, listening to how it expresses and what healing it would like to bring forward in a session. I bear witness to the process, ask resonant questions of the client, find stillness in myself and something incredible happens – something shifts, something old releases and the body’s life energy is freed up. A calm, yet energized, state of being emerges. Traumatic memories are time-stamped in the present and released, and clients are supported in releasing emotions in an easeful and integrative way. Biodynamic work allows both practitioner and client to experience depths of stillness and peace that can hard to feel on our own, as well as a sense of expansiveness and connection to universal forces – called in our work the Breath of Life. Thus it is spiritual as well as medical, practical as well as universal.

I am offering BCST, yoga and meditation instruction to the greater Portland and Columbia River Gorge region, am available for ongoing healing sessions, group and private yoga instruction, and simply to chat about mind-body-brain-spirit connections and how our bodies holds the pathways that lead to our inherent, natural state of freedom, openness and joy.  Feel free to contact me using the form below.