About The Work

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (herein referred to as BCST) is performed fully clothed on a massage table. It is non-manipulative, which means no pressure is applied to the body or to injured areas-just light touch. The term “biodynamic” distinguishes this type of craniosacral therapy from other forms like cranial osetopathy or Upledger craniosacral. Because no pressure is applied to the body, BCST is safe, gentle and applicable during times of inflammation or activation. It takes the body’s organizing and healing intelligence as its starting point rather than analyzing what might be wrong from the outside-that way each person’s inherent treatment plan arises naturally and maximum healing is possible. At the same time, practitioners respond to specific complaints and areas of the body that are in pain, by holding and listening to them and encouraging whatever healing processes need to arise.

In our initial consultation we spend time discussing your history, current issues/discomforts and overall lifestyle, and creating a set of treatment goals. As sessions progress we check to see how those goals are being met and reassess them if needed. We discuss the inherent treatment plan and how it may arise in ongoing sessions, and as we deepen into the work over time I teach about primary respiration and explain what’s happening, so that you are empowered to begin to make your own relationship with the healing forces that we explore together.

BCST can support and help heal:

  • Chronic pain (lower back, neck, joints, plantar fasciitis etc.)
  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Depression and exhaustion
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrom and digestive issues
  • Acute injuries, sports or work-related
  • Inflammatory and auto-immune concerns
  • Pre- or post-surgery support
  • TMJ and headaches
  • Emotional trauma, abuse, PTSD

BCST focuses on your overall health and how it is currently expressing itself, given your entire life experience. As a practitioner I was superbly trained by Franklyn Sills, a pioneer in the field, to listen to the tissue, fluid, neural and energetic fields of my clients, perceiving the patterns that have formed over time around injuries and traumatic events. I observe how the functioning of the body and nervous system has been compromised, while maintaining an awareness of the overall health that is always present. During a session typically one, two or more compromised areas will release and the entire tissue (physical), fluid and neural fields will shift and reorganize themselves, allowing clients to experience a deep sense of relaxation, freedom from areas of chronic pain and greater ease in their bodies. The biodynamic approach works holistically (physical, emotional, mental) so emotional releases are common, allowing one to feel more balanced and healthy. Thinking patterns may become more supportive or quiet after a treatment. Additionally, the central nervous system is allowed to release stored-up energy, which helps relieve anxiety, exhaustion and depression. I have been studying Non-Violent Communication and resonant empathy in depth, which helps me to connect verbally with clients in a deeper and more empathetic way, which further supports healing.

One of the most surprising things about BCST is the potential for us to have a profound experience of deep stillness (together) and of the biodynamic forces (primary respiration) that are moving within all of us. When we encounter a state of deep peace, quietude and freedom from physical/emotional/psychic pain, it has a lasting and healing effect. When we experience our bodies as a fluid and energetic whole, our long-held assumptions about our limitations and illnesses are challenged; indeed, we experience ourselves as a united, holistic field, experiencing periods that are completely free from pain.

My background and training in meditation and somatic practices (yoga and qi gong) are complimentary to BCST and can help you discover the stillness, connection and universal support that lies at the heart of our human experience, which is the essence of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Session Costs:

60-minute Session: $90

90-minutes Session: $130

3-hour Session: $220

I encourage clients to commit to 5 or more sessions at the beginning, so that their bodies can find a new normal and make lasting progress. If, however, you’d prefer to go one session at a time, seeing how the work impacts you and your life, that is also fine.

I am committed to making BCST available to everyone, so financial hardship will always be considered and a sliding scale that works for us both will be offered.

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