Craniosacral Therapy was new to me and I embraced it with an open mind knowing I could trust Barbu as the healer. Being able to relax fully and have him guide me through breathing and visualization has helped me to release tension held within my body. I’ve also felt the trauma from past experiences release during these sessions. For days afterwards I have a deep sense of being centered with a clearer mind. I highly recommend Barbu and am thankful he shares his gift of being a healer.

TR – Stevenson, WA 2018

My deepest gratitude to Barbu and his work. He made me feel very comfortable, and made it easy for me to understand what was going on in my body during the session (I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect). I haven’t felt this type of relief from my back pain, or such a great sense of calm, in a long time. I highly highly recommend Barbu, not only for just emotional or physical trauma, but anytime! It will give you an outstanding opportunity to tune into your self, and connect the mind to your physical body. Thank you Barbu!

ML – Hood River, OR 2018

Barbu is the real deal—a kind soul and a powerful healer, and one of the most present and purposeful humans I’ve ever met. I tell anyone that’s important to me about him. After 10+ years of practice at studios across the country, he’s my hands-down favorite yoga teacher of all time, and his CST totally blew me away. I felt supremely calm and at peace beyond words, and look forward to my next session with him.

AA – Portland, OR 2018

Barbu started craniosacral therapy with me a few months ago. He is a trusted, kind, and gentle professional therapist. Whereas my cognitive therapy was based on verbal communication, craniosacral sessions are more experiential. I can feel past stressors, not so much as thoughts but as a presence in my body. With Barbu’s brief suggestions and using his technique, we are able to locate past and present stress areas in my body. I always feel better afterwards.

EJ – Stevenson, WA 2018

I’ve had several treatments from Barbu. I have found him and his sessions to be very therapeutic and healing. It is amazing how you feel your energy moving throughout your body (he calls it potency) with the lightest of his touch. He feels everything that I’m feeling while in the session and verbalizes it. Which is kind of crazy. I feel incredible afterward. So rested and the specific parts he works on do feel better. The sense of wellbeing is excellent. You feel his spirit and energy when you meet him. He is a special man and extremely talented.

BK – Stevenson, WA 2018

During our session, Barbu gently took me to a place of utter and profound deep relaxation explaining what he sensed as we went. I felt held and healed. The issue with my hip has not bothered me since. There’s more body awareness after our session and more choice on whether or not to tighten around the sensation, or to gently feel it, experience it and let it go.

CZ – Fort Collins, CO, 2017

In 2015, I was 67 and was new to Cranial Sacral Therapy.  Historically, I have always opted for women doctors, therapists, and body healers; Barbu is clearly a truly refreshing exception! In addition to being a gifted and skillful BCST Practitioner (Barbu was destined to be a somatic healer!), Barbu encourages & astutely facilitates a respectful client/practitioner relationship that empowered me to relax, recognize, and lean into the deepest nature of what lay within my body.  And no matter what my negative challenges were each session, my trusted practitioner seemed to create the safety net and skills to aid me back to a place of non-dualistic oneness. Each session with Barbu was a true gift!

EP – Madison, WI, 2017

Having experienced craniosacral work over several years with 3 different practitioners, I pretty much expected my 4th healer to be using similar and familiar techniques with me.  My history included two car accidents, dental trauma, and a less than optimal result from major spinal surgery. Chronic pain had begun to be all too normal for me. What has changed for me along with Barbu’s care is that I have found healers who I can partner with instead of just showing up and having them work on me. Barbu creates a foundation built on trust and very careful communication before, during and after the BCST healing session. His intuition and ability to tell you how the body is responding to the gentle guidance of his hands is remarkably comforting and confirming. He has always known exactly where to start, what to work on and how to make a discernible difference for me. I can happily recommend Barbu for your care no matter what your needs are. The guy is brilliant.

JS – Madison, WI, 2017

Barbu is a gifted and dedicated healer. After the only session I was able to have with him before he moved to Oregon, I felt better than I had in years. He is a true teacher and explained the process and technique thoroughly before and during the treatment. I’m very grateful to have been able to work with him! And that he recommended another therapist to work with in his absence. Thank you, Barbu! Craniosacral therapy continues to help me heal mentally and physically from a battery of stress-related maladies.

HH – Madison, WI 2018