Yoga, Qi Gong and Somatic Meditation

I have been a passionate practitioner of embodied (somatic) movement practices and body-based meditation for over 15 years. I teach group classes at Flow Yoga in Hood River, OR, as well as offering workshops and retreats around the US. I am available for private yoga sessions as well as personalized Qi Gong and meditation coaching. I am available to teach workshops at your home studio or locally. For private yoga, Qi gong or meditation, we can use my home office, Flow Yoga’s studio space, the Portland Healing Space or have sessions in your home.

Somatic Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has transformed my life in more ways than I can describe. The combination of focused attention, open awareness and the intention to regard myself and others with warm care and respect changes our neurobiology and our relationship to the world for the better.

I have experienced decreased anxiety, increased energy and an alignment of my core values with the work I offer in the world, all through good mentorship and embodied practice.

There is increasing research that shows that 15-25 minutes a day of mindfulness practice integrates areas of the brain that are needed for healthy emotional regulation and positive relationships with others, reducing anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation. Additionally, it brings a sense of our purpose and contribution in the world to the forefront, guiding us intuitively towards decisions that will help us be more effective and content in our lives.

I can tailor a meditation program to your personal needs, as the practice can be done lying down, sitting on a cushion or chair, or standing. I can offer you an accountability program and regular instruction, as well as resources that enrich the practice and provide motivation.

While it can be challenging at first, meditation becomes a joy after sustained practice, and over time becomes integrated into daily life creating increased presence, care and resiliency.

Private Yoga

Modern Yoga is largely centered around group classes that are taught to many different types of bodies, at all different levels of ability and health. This model has many limitations. Private Yoga instruction is helpful if:

  • You are participating in group classes but not getting enough attention or adjustment and would like modifications, alignment instruction and creative ideas on how to approach specific poses that feel challenging
  • You would like to more deeply understand the intention behind the physical practice, the breathing and the bio-energetics of Yoga
  • You are interested in starting and maintaining a home practice

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a meditative, slow-moving and breath-centered practice that originated in China and is now widely practiced all over the world. Thousands of forms have been developed and are practiced by people of all ages and abilities. The three forms I practice and teach are gentler than Yoga and more accessible to people with physical limitations or who aren’t interested in participating in group yoga classes. A simple home practice can be developed in a few weeks, and has benefits that last throughout one’s life.

Why Somatic?

I have become a huge fan of neuroscience research and the ways in which body-based practices like yoga influence our brains/nervous systems and can be used to rewire/reprogram old habits and patterns. The field of Interpersonal Neurobiology is particularly exciting to me, as it combines mindfulness practices with the latest neuroscience and therapeutic arts. Research has shown that trauma, chronic pain, disease, loss of power and disconnection from sources of love and support have the potential to disconnect our sense of being in a body from our conscious awareness. As time passes and we age, we can become lost in thought and self-referential fears, resulting in anxiety, depression and many forms of disconnection from our communities and our larger world.

Body-based practices like yoga, Qi Gong and meditation, when practiced slowly, with care and mindfulness, reconnect us to our bodies. This creates greater integration of our emotions and thoughts and over time, a sense of well-being returns. We become more self-regulated and creative. Amazingly, a deep sense of care and concern for the world arises. The premise of the yoga traditions as well as Interpersonal Neurobiology is that due to our evolution as social creatures, we are born wired for connection, to ourselves, to others and to our world. As we re-inhabit our bodies we rewire our brains and a natural longing to connect and feel empathy for others returns, resulting in a less isolated and more connected life.

I went from feeling like my body was a terrifying and hostile landscape to avoid at all costs, to absolutely loving being human. My passion is to help others rediscover the joys of being alive and learn to walk through the hard places with dignity and resiliency! Please us the contact form below or schedule an appointment directly using the blue button.

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