Thank you for visiting Northwest Craniosacral. My name is Barbu Panaitescu and I support people in healing from overwhelm, trauma, addiction patterns and a host of other reactions to the personal and global crises now facing us and our world.

  • Have you been doing workshops, therapy and/or healing work for years, but still feel stuck in some of the most important areas of your life?
  • Do you experience anxiety, sadness, self-limiting beliefs or self-doubt, and feel like radical transformation is impossible? Are you looking for an approach which lets you know that lasting healing is actually available to you?
  • Are you longing to get to the root of why it’s hard to take empowered action, or have you been an activist that “burned out?”
  • Would you like to experience your essential self-hood, a state of unbridled health, and reclaim the wisdom of your body?

I can help!

Recent research in interpersonal neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience suggests that most of our distress and medical diagnoses stem from various forms of loss of power, both on the personal level and systemically. Rather than asking “what’s wrong with you?,” I work with individuals to understand together “what happened.” Together we explore Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and verbal body-based therapeutic processes, fully clothed on a massage table, within a safe and nourishing space that allows us to drop into a state of wholeness and health, process past traumas and difficult experiences and discover how to make new choices.

Our work together can help:

  • Chronic pain (lower back, neck, joints, plantar fasciitis etc.)
  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Depression and exhaustion
  • Acute injuries, sports or work-related
  • Inflammatory and auto-immune concerns
  • Pre- or post-surgical procedures
  • TMJ and headaches
  • Emotional trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD

I currently live in Hood River, Oregon. I am available for sessions at Flow Yoga in Hood River and at the Skamania Acupuncture Clinic in Stevenson. I travel to Portland frequently and am available to visit you in your home. Please feel free to use any of the contact forms on this site to initiate a conversation or book a session and please sign up for my email list to be kept up-to-date on workshops and special deals.

I look forward to connecting and sharing this amazing work with you.